World’s Most fabulous Top 10 travel destinations.

Hey guys! So ,World’s Most fabulous Top 10 travel destinations is today’s topic. Welcome to easy American English today we’re in the beautiful beach of Margate and we’re going to be interviewing the people today what their ideal vacation spot would we can go anywhere in the world for your ideal vacation where would that be probably Margate .

Yep Margate what’s so great about Margate beautiful people a good time nice and California.


Yeah that good ski parks and good waves all right modred yell vacation spot be my ideal vacation spot would be probably Jamaica why Jamaica I know I’ve been there a few times. I like it yeah what’s the coolest the people yeah what’s do you know any cool people from Jamaica Oh specifically Oh Bob Marley Billy Bob Marley right all right that’s a tough question. I’d go anywhere in the world I would probably want to go somewhere I’ve never been for like an Asian country that ever been sick the Asian continent the Bahamas why the Bahamas sunny and hot like here yeah but it’s like better weather it’s better weather what’s that supposed to mean this isn’t good enough for you this is nicer down there I’m Serbian so I’d love to try to visit Serbia .World’s Most fabulous Top 10 travel destinations.

World’s Most fabulous Top 10 travel destinations!

I’ve never been there before was born here in the US yeah it always just when I go there here this is really I like it here too it’s very relaxing it’s the beach is big and this is what I liked it for I admit I haven’t haven’t travelled extensively but I like it here what’s your favorite part about the beach relaxing it’s comforting it’s just get away from it all from the bustle of New York that’s right with like Southeast Asia a lot of people are going there Thailand Vietnam who’s going there my sister went there my buddy moved there to teach English cool so a couple people what would you do there when you got there go to the beach do some more of this eat the food see some of the locals catch the sights ah Bora Bora yeah I saw it on the Kardashians and it was really pretty maybe China watch I got trying to see what that’s all.

My experience!

I’m not from a Japan so go and check out Japan why Japan I have very good things about it here it’s very beautiful and you know it’s just I hear it’s just completely different than what’s like here and like if you live in a place in Japan it’s just really small and different cool try got different things I would go to Hawaii because of the waves surfing.

it’s like tropical down there what about you I would go to Hawaii because my parents got married there and they’re telling me how awesome it is um Hawaii Hawaii yeah it’s really nice there yeah a lot of Sun yeah fish a lot of fish you guys know we’re at a beach right okay I’m just making sure I would have to say in New Zealand New Zealand yes we’re in New Zealand I don’t know I’m not very familiar with it uh I guess more more of the mountainous regions I know the the Lord of the Rings movies have been filmed over there and it looks beautiful I’ve seen pictures I really want to go I really want to Australia.

Australia, I have lots of friends that live in Sydney and I always just heard good things about it so and eat ice cream in Australia yes is that something you can only do in Australia no but it was just a novelty of it you know going Australia and eating ice cream you guys sound like you’re going to be going to the same region of the world yeah we are waiting so yeah yeah what were your idea right here in Margate New Jersey on my Beach why here it’s very comfortable I know where I know where everything is I enjoy being here.


And also my favourite! India. I just love this word and this particular place much. The food, the people around there are just amazing. It’s greatful feeling for me to go there for travel. I used to go there when I was I think just 16.because I always want to be something traditionally. And the tradition of this place is just out of our mind. I always prefer to travel to India over any country.

India has many amazing places like taj mahal, Red fort, the beaches of goa, jaisalmer Fort, The kutubminar and many ancient places are over there. I just fall in love with those places man! Also the Indian delicious food ! It’s just out of our thinking. Mind blowing test of food over there. It’s I think miracle. I can say the food is sweetest think which India has. And also the Indian population is very friendly although they don’t know enough English but it’s fine. It’s happens when we change the place language should be changed!


Also India is more cheaper in all the things as compare to other countries. The cost over there is so low to travel, stay whatever you do. You can travel some palces in like no amount of money. It’s free to check in some places. There’s no need of money to pay. In some places. And I love this tell. Obviously everybody wants to save everyone wants to grow. That’s the fundas of life.

My family is here with me there’s no other place I’d rather be even uh how does this place stack up I know you said it’s the best compared to other Jersey beaches I’ve ever actually hurts well actually there probably are better beaches in the world but when you put together all the other things I just mentioned this Beach is where I’d rather be can’t say it any better than that are these the beautiful people around here absolutely it was the most beautiful out of all of these people like they’re great.

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