Why my Blog is not getting Ranked in Google?

Today I’ll share you something very helpful and what I experienced after starting blogging.l’ll going to cover the entire topic very widely in simple language. So stay Connected. Keep reading. Topic is.Why my Blog is not getting Ranked in Google?

So, Basically there are mainly 6 Reasons behind your site Rank.Today I’ll give you the entire solution of this questions like How Do You Get first Position in google search console and Do you want to get ranked your blog in google. Etc.

So, let’s discuss it widely. First of all if you are begginer, Don’t worry about Page views-visitors-Rankings. Because it takes several time to get index your all the Pages and Posts.

So Keep passions, Be Hardworking.

We are assuring you that if you follow this 5 Steps very truly then no one can stop you to get ranked.

Why my Blog is not getting Ranked in Google?

S1. Quality Content

If you are thinking a bright future in this field, makesure first thing, that is your Content is must Be Unique, helpful And user Friendly.

Because if the Person who visits your site feel sufficient from your blog post, He will definitely Visit again.

So, First Improve your Quality of Blog.

S2. Length Maintain

Before starting every blog, decide the decent length of your blog. Because without sufficient enough Conviencity ,you can’t indexed on google search console rightly.

I use this word length. That’s not mean write anything dummy sentences and increase the length. No that’s not what I mean.

According to me, Length means Put your entire afforts and cover The whole topic with all the solutions and ideas. So that a User who visits your site can easily find their solutions.

The reason Behind I am focusing On the length of the content is only that, if you have sufficient amount of Information &knowledge then and then only you can delivere your best to your readers.

Once, you get stable and trusted audience, after then you have not to Do more Hustle and struggle.

But , to complete this Point S2 you have to give your Best.

S3.SEO [Search Engine Optimization]

Here, I am not going to give youbfull explanation about what is SEO. But I am going to discuss How this SEO process should be Execute?

So, I personally belive that in this blogging field, Most important thing is To Do SEO in your entire site.

SEO plays an very important part For rankings.

There are Two Types Of SEOs.

[1] On Page SEO

For WordPress site, Yoohoast is the best plugin. Just go through that plugin, activate it and whenever you are posting anything, make sure your SEO Score and readability is in Good Condition. (It will show you green icon in your post settings. If it’s status good enough) .

[2] Off Page SEO

In off page SEO, you have to do only 3 to 4 small things for your post.
1.Write Convencing Meta Description
2.craete a user friendly slug and add The top ranking Tags
3.Promote your blog on Social media platforms
4.Share the Post link On your status, Bio etc.

Do Both of this SEOs in all your Posts and then wait 15 days.You will see the improvement automatically.

S4. Create Backlinks

To increase your site reach, impressions. You have to create few Backlinks.

Now, the majority doubts.. Like.
What is Backlinks?
How can I get benifit creating Backlinks?
Is it really works?
Backlinks is legal Shit?

Keep reading. I’ll clear your all the doubts.

First, What is Backlink?

Basically in a simple word, Backlink Mean to create a Particular link and Contact another top trending sites to post your Blog/article on their site and Put the link in between anywhere in blog.

So that you can divert traffic from one authorized site to your blog.


If you have no enough budget to spend because they charge a lot for putting Backlinks in their sites.
So If you have no Enough budget or you are begginer, you can use much authorized and more visitors rich free plateforms like Medium, wikipedia etc.

What to Do for Posting and Diverting traffic from that platforms?

Post your incomplete blog on there site and at the last Put your link and Get the such amount of visitors. It’s much simple. And also you can easily divert the audience who are interested with your blog.

S5. Sitemap Submissions& Search Console Verification

This two things are very easy to Do but As similar to SEO.

The entire tutorial how to do this is on YouTube for free of cost. Just Search it.

The reason why I am not telling you how to do this is because this is practical stuff. So you can’t easily do it via reading. But once you watch that videos you can easily do it in just 4 to 5 minutes.

So this is the Five Important Ways to Rank Your site On the top Position.

Guys, trust me if you really want to grow your career in blogging, Follow this 5 steps always in each an every post.

We are assuring you, if this all 5 steps are Done truly, then no one will stop you to Grow your Rank.

Also Do you Want to get tips Of AdSense approval?
I’ll also going for that topic soon. I will write a simple and very helpful blog on this particular topic.

Keep Loving. Stay connected. Be Hardworking.

So, I am stopping my blog here. I hope you guys, I solved all the queries related How to get ranked in Google?. Even though if you have any doubts regarding this blog, the comment section is always waiting for you.

Post a comment of your query or any suggestions. We will surely reply it back.

See you all in next informative blog. Bbye.

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