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Want to travel to the land of the rising sun, japan?

Japan Is famous for their amazing history, Mt Fuji, unrivaled technology and Samurais.Japan, one of the world’s most literate and technically advanced nations, is an East Asian archipelago country made up of four primary islands and quite 6,800 others. It has some really awesome places to visit and have a great time.

Some crucial tips while preparing for the trip for japan:

  • Choosing the season to travel:
    The most important question is, when to visit japan to have the best experience? But the “best” is quite a bit of stretch because each and every season have pros and cons of their own. And sometimes it entirely depends on your personal interests and preferences as a traveler. But if you are open to new experiences then bellow are some insights on seasons in japan : Winter in japan

In terms of sightseeing winters are not usually busy anywhere, which is same for Japan. But it is the ski season, so the cities will be less crowded as everyone will be at the skiing
fields which is a good time to visit if the plan doesn’t involve skiing. As new year will be on the edge crowd will be expected in the major cities. And winter is also great to see Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in japan, as winter boasts 77% chance due to crisp air. Snow festivals are also very popular in japan like; Sapporo festival and Kamakura festival. Some interesting places to visit during winter includes; Jigokudani Monkey Park and Shirakawago village.

Travel in japan male alone Blog

Spring in Japan

Cherry blossoms are the best things to see in japan during spring, undeniably. The pink flowers, after long winter brings beauty to the country and transforms the surrounding into a beautiful scene from anime. Known as ‘Hanami’,cherry blossoms viewing is most popular activity in japan. As this seems a great opportunity for clicking great instagram pictures, but this time of year the crowd is more, especially in Kyoto which is an ancient city which is capable to contain big number of visitors at once. And booking the accomodation well in advance is necessary.

Summer in Japan

The summer in japan are typhoon season Japan. The climate in japan is characterized by hot and humid. Summer in japan is filled with fireworks, festivals and fun within the sun. As the heat begins to wane in the evenings,people partake in regional fireworks displays, traditional song and dance, and centuries old festivals which are great to witness. If you are packing for summer trip to japan always pack light and breathable clothing. Trekking up the highest mountain in japan, Mt. fuji. If you wake up early in the morning and hike up to the summit then you will be able to see the sunrise across the Pacific Ocean. Cool off your head by windsurfing outside tokyo on the beautiful beaches in Kanagawa and kayaking in the mountains of Yamanashi Preferecture.

  • Know what to pack for Japan

Knowing the way to steel oneself against a visit to Japan includes checking out what to pack
(and what to leave behind). The climate between different seasons can vary
drastically in Japan, so it’s a good idea to learn the approximate temperature for the time of year you’ll be visiting and pack accordingly. If you are going to climb Mt Fuji or partake in hiking activities, it is vital to pack the right gear and footwear. In terms of clothing, temperatures across the country are generally more pleasant during the spring and autumn months, summer are often quite warm with bouts of rain and snow can be expected in winter. It’s a good idea to wear layers if you’re visiting alpine regions of Japan because the times could also be warm during summer but can get quite cool by night.

Travel in japan male alone Blog

Learn the cultural do’s and don’ts to avoid being an annoying tourist :

Japan has many unique cultural differences that surprise visitors who weren’t aware beforehand. Some of the do’s and don’ts are; Do not walk around eating and smoking, Dont misuse your chopsticks (Chopsticks have quite symbolic meanings that should be observed in Japan), Dont harass geishas and maiko for pictures, Dont harass the sacred deer at Nara or Miyajima island, Do learn some basic Japanese, Dont leave tip or count your change, Do bow appropriately(Bows for tourists; greeting people, thanking someone, saying sorry), Dont talk loudly in public transport, Do walk, drive and ride on left.

Purchase travel insurance

As with any trip abroad, it’s super important to require out travel insurance before you allow . The islands of Japan were created by volcanic activity and it is vital to recollect that unforeseen events like earthquakes can occur from time to time. Make sure you read the fine print to see whether your travel insurance covers this stuff and more.

Concluding the way to plan a visit to Japan

These days it’s all too easy to get hung up on the flawless images people splash all over social media about visiting Japan. These highlight reels showcase the splendour of this amazing country in all her glory after all! Although, the harsh truth is being unprepared and setting unrealistic expectations for your trip to Japan is likely to result in disappointment, so it’s a good idea to learn some Japan travel tips first.

Surprisingly tokyo is the safest country as per report of World Health Organization to live. 6years old child can travel alone in that city. And that’s unbelievable. But the people over there are so nice and well respected. So obviously this manner should be there.

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