Here’s my journey of writing Novel and also publishing procedure.SOLO LEVELLING NOVEL WRITING!

I always wanted to be an author. I have always been a good storyteller.Fairly good in communication but I had no formal training in writing a book.

So I thought being an author was out of reach. And besides, I was told that it takes years to write a good book.

I had no years to spare. I pressed for time. We had a very flourishing career in college as a motivational speaker . between travel and assignments.

I did not have years to spare to write a book. In 2009 I wrote my first book I Am Another You.

It went on to become the number one best seller and went on to win multiple international awards.

It has been translated in several regional and foreign languages.

I still have no formal education in writing and I wrote that book in 5 days ! In this series, I am going to tell you how to write that book you have always been meaning to write well.

Welcome to my blog, How to Write a Book in 8 Days.

In this blog. I am going to prepare you to get ready for the journey of writing your book. And when there, you can either get started right away, or ear mark this blog for the future.

So you can come back to it for reference later and write your book. So I am going to be honest with you.

Education Requirements

It is not important to have a degree in literature to become an author.

Although some formal education is always a plus point. But you need to have a flair for expression.

You need to have a deep interest in people. And you have to be that absent minded kid, who is lost in different worlds of his imagination.

If you have some experience in writing – blogs / articles / short stories, then you might just be ready to pen down your first book.

I wrote my first book nine years ago. But before that I had written over 600 articles for various newspapers .and publications for over 10 years.


Now that’s a lot of writing. And let me make a small mention, I never got paid a single rupee for any of these articles. And the thing is that I never asked.

I just wrote for fun… but I wrote professionally. And I wrote fast.

So a journalist would call me and ask, Priya can you write an article on lets say :

“how to handle difficult people at work,” and I would say yeah.

Because I was so busy and I didn’t have time, I didn’t have much time to write the article. So I would get to it, and quickly submit it.

I have found, that if you give the job to the busiest person.

He will get it done the fastest, because he doesn’t have time. Its ironic, but its true. And I was very popular among the journalists and editors.

So if someone didn’t have the time to write or had a creative block, they could just call Priya Kumar and get it done.

How did I have so much information and knowledge to write about subjects that didn’t even concern me?

Well, let me tell you that is thewe will write about romance, murder,traditions and write about passion and then we will write about murder.

Without haven’t lived through them all. That is the realm of the writer, where you give her a character.

You give her a situation and she will make a best selling story or context out of it. And to be honest, all my life I have been the greatest and the most voracious reader that I know.


Tips For Improvement

As a child I would read and read and read. I would often be punished in school for stealing books from the library.

Well, I wasn’t stealing, I was borrowing, but the thing was they would only lend us one book at a time. And I wanted to read five.

I would sometimes read two books a day, and over the weekends.

I would fight with my parents to stay home and not go out on our Sunday out tings so I could read.

Reading stirs your imagination. SOLO LEVELLING NOVEL WRITING!

Reading allows you perspective. You don’t always have to agree with the author. and it allows you strong opinions and convictions when you find reasons not to agree.

You have no one to argue with. But you are forming your own convictions.

Reading strengthened my imagination. Every few hours I could be in a different world. More interesting world that mine.

Stories have power. Authors are the most powerful people on the planet.

They get into your mind make home in your heart andshape your thoughts.

They design your decision. Oh its an amazing position. And as a reader, when you find in your hands that powerful story, oh your life will never be the same again.

You want to be the best author in the world. Become the best reader ever.

You will have the practice of converting words into thoughts and imagination and then as a writer you will be good at converting thoughts and imagination into words.

So how do you get started ?

Building sequential events Of logical progression of events. And these are great qualities to have even if you don’t want to be a writer.


Look at any legendary person, someone you deeply admire, they are readers.

Reading as a habit brings clarity. It brings sanity. And then write a lot. Write articles. Write blogs.

Even if no one is paying you, write. Who is stopping you from writing an article or a blog every day.

Don’t tell me you don’t have ideas what to write about… that statement does not suit an author.

Write about anything and write about everything. And with every article, improve. Learn new words. Write better sentences.



How to Excecute?

Express more elaborate and then Make your expressions tighter and shorter.

Write. A lot !!!

And you will be preparing, reaching that place where that one last article, that one last sign off will set you free into the journey of becoming a bestselling author.

It’s alright if you have not done your masters or PhD in literature you can still write a book.

You can still become an author but just because you have not obtained the formal education.

That doesn’t get you off the hook You still have to study and prepare yourself for that feat.

It’s like a player preparing to be a champion it’s like a champion who’s preparing to get into the game.

When you have to invest the time and hone your writing. and learn to align your thoughts in a Logical sequence to be able to get to writing the book a best-seller.

Well, you need to start writing Get started with a blog let’s say you want to start writing a blog it’s simple.

It’s a four-part process Number 1 pick a topic that most resonates with you.

Do this..

Let’s say dogs as pets I love dogs 2nd state what the topic is give some factual information on it and that may involve some research.

Mind you Don’t start a copy-paste practice It’s okay to read up and then add your version of expression on it.

But don’t copy paste .

Now give your opinion your insight . Your experience on that subject and that Will be the best part of your writing end it with.

The conclusion or invite reader comments Don’t worry if someone is reading it or not, don’t worry if you’re getting paid for it or not.

This is your practice Imagine..

If a player is expecting spectators to comfort his warmups and practice before the match No One test that their family and friends maybe to encourage them and maybe your family and friends will be reading your articles.



You’re warming up and preparing for your big feat your book now whether you want to write fiction or nonfiction.

Learn to write both it will help you in movies that you can ever imagine.

It’s like the hospitality industry where you learn to cook everything and then as you get good at the basics.

You start choosing areas of your interest and then begin to specialize in them.

So start with fiction It’s easy whether you write a book or not.

The process itself is life-changing The first thing that you have to get right in writing fiction is your character.

You have to know everything about this character.

You literally have to become the parent knowing the backstory their personality.

the lights the dislikes fears agendas driving forces or you have to know more about your character than your character knows about himself and That comes from studying people.

If you want to write good books,

if you want to write good fiction..

Treat everyone in your life Everyone you meet as a character observed them to the minor Details of the expressions define.

How they look look into their eyes and try to see what is not shown Don’t judge them know them.

Improve Yourself

Don’t make your opinions about them understand them try and make sense of their life try and internalize,

Their fears Participate in their goals be tolerant of their schemes don’t engage with them…

observe them with full objectivity when you have become them .

Understood their role in the story that they are living to the precise degree that you can predict their lives.

When you can understand what your subject will do in his real life Well, you are an author you no longer have to be one you are one.

Like I said Even if you never write a book just this just this Understanding of people will make you a better person .

It will make your life easier then build a stage for every person that you take up a study of your character.

Now sketch out his circumstances define the events decipher the plot decode the impact of his decisions on his immediate environment.

You will see that Everything adds up to where it is going.

Be straight forward

You know I always tell people that the hardest thing for an author to do is to change one sequence of events in the story and then ,

Everything changes if you take up our epics what if that day?

Ravan did not kidnap Sita jeez that changes history that changes everything to the point .

Where ,we are today Changes one change in the sequence of events one different decision.

The future is already to that much degree different when you line up people against the Circumstances.

You will see a trail you will see cause-and-effect and that is power Understanding of that is great power that will change your life for the better.


You will be able to see your own life as a stage performance You will get an object view point of your own life and decisions and in a very innate manner.

You will be able to control and design your future And your destiny just as you would do for your characters.

If self help is what you are interested in well then you have to be a person of extreme logic someone who is naturally inclined toward growth and personal improvement and sub development .

You need to have your own course of success chart it out.

It’s a great space self-help In fact, they can never be enough of it and the more the better because positivity like negativity needs Reinforcement to survive.


We are bombarded with negativity every day from ample number of sources And so we need double the positivity from double the number of sources to counter it.

So I’ve always brought up but be careful any subject that you may pick has already been written about almost see the thing is there can be a million versions of love stories and Still you would go out and read some more as long as the story is not a copy-paste repetition So to steal content from here in there and paste it as your own by restructuring sentences isn’t writing a book.

It’s a criminal offense You need to be original so how does one become original in a field where everything.

That has to be written about personal development is already written about your story.

Well it is still an original your experiences with the theories you want to explain. The Philosophies and opinions that you want to put out are still original your experiences.


Are your unique pitch even to a formula that has been written a thousand times over?

Hasn’t it ever happened with you that you read something beautiful?

Who tells you about her experiences with that beautiful concept and Instantly, you know how to apply to your life.

That is the power of self up Maybe the eleventh book the subject of sales hit home Or maybe the sixth book on relationships brought clarity about what you were doing wrong Self-help is a golden genre.

You can never have enough of it but ensure that you have first-hand experience of success .

about the concept you are choosing to write about you should be the testimonial of its workability else .

You’re just going to write a bad book. you will also spoil your reputation because we really aren’t very fond of preachers and teachers Very young we develop a dislike for people who tell us what to do the bow of all parents.


So you have my blessings go ahead write self-help and my favorite genre is love stories and please if your breakup and Heartbreak has inspired you to become an author.

Please look in the mirror and give yourself a tight slap you have no idea.

How mean hideous and Idiotic the idea is to write about your unrequited love or your emotional trauma by inviting Sympathy from unknown people grow up and move on.

Hey, what about the other character boss?

What about his or her feelings and agendas and dreams and hopes and future did you really understand them?

That’s not an author and that’s not writing.

Follow the Passion

That’s a rant. Don’t do it love stories Keep a faith in the eternal romance going.

if you must write about love make both parties clearly Understood by the reader so that even if they are hurt through your story.

They can understand the person who hurt them that even if they have a great life.

They Understand the transience of circumstances and can better handle hardships when they arise through the love .

You Completed in your story as a romance novelist stir some up in your own life be the Prince Charming that you aspire to create in your stories be the hopeless lover.

Well not win every woman you meet but blessing every person who enters your space with love.

Understand the unromantic kind of love in your life and you will create the greatest lovers in your story.

I have explained in gray detail on how to sketch your characters . build circumstances and how to lay the foundation of your self a book.

Including the love stories in my book how to write a book in eight days. You might want to have that handy when you do start your journey as a best-selling author .


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