Shopify Dropshipping is worthy in 2020 or not?

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Hey Everyone !

First of all. I’m @ravii_kothiyx_ and today I m going to share the entire information regarding dropshipping and earnings .But for that the first question Shopify Dropshipping is worthy in 2020 or not?

Because of many obivios reasons, already there are lots of online stores on internet and they are doing so well.

So how can I reach the people I want?

Just stay tuned,read full will surely get your answer.

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Shopify Dropshipping is worthy in 2020 or not?

So let’s start.

First of all, for those of you guys who don’t even know what the
dropshipping is.

Dropshipping is the one of the finest method to make online money.From which you can make big amount of money in very short time period with the help of your digital marketing skills.

So what you have to do for start dropshipping business?

Let’s discuss it step by step.

First, Open the account on 
Login into it,after login you will get free trial for 14 days.

• Go to website.Login into it.
Select a particular product Inwhich you have enough profit margin and in which you have trust to make buyers.
Make sure that the product you have selected is available worldwide.
• After that,copy the product details,like Download the image of that product, certain details, availability,sizes,price, colours available, shipping cost , description, reviews etc.

Now,Come back to your Shopify account,

Let’s make your store.

1.Select a particular Shopify theme.

2. Go to the add product section.

3. Add the product which you have selected.

4.Give the sufficient details of that product,make sure you have already included the profit margin(Shopify pricing) into your Price.
Just upload the product.


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Shopify Dropshipping is worthy in 2020 or not?

But before uploading the product,Make four pages on your website.

Contact us.

About us.

Terms and conditions.

Privacy policy.

So that your shop looks reliable and trustworthy.

Now, After building a store and adding a product how can you will deliver that Alibaba product on your customer’s address?
Because you have no ‘advance stock’ of your product!

So the solution is ,whenever you get the order to your site from customer,just copy that details of customer and send it to Alibaba’s site they will register the order of yours on behalf of your customer.

After putting your customer’s address and all,you can easily send the product directly to the customer.

Alibaba is one of the best E-commerce platform which is available on worldwide basis with all trusted suppliers.

There is no need to worry about any scam or delivery related query.

You can sell your products anywhere you want.

All of you have one question in your mind ,

All things are right but how can specially we get orders for our particular product?

Why people should trust on us?On which basis?

Do not worry about it.

One thing which you should keep in your mind  is you’re not any individual seller,you are Shopify seller.So people trust on Shopify’s product.

And yes,how can you get orders?

That’s very good question.
Follow this given steps and I assure you will get  orders for your selected product very easily.

Use social media for your e-commerce site.

1.Promote your products on Facebook page.

2.Collaborate with any your product related influencer and promote your products via them.

3. reate YouTube videos for your product.Create a ads.

4.Promote your Products on Instagram. In 2020, Instagram is the finest platform to grow the number of  your orders.

5.Create LinkedIn account and share your product.

6.Make enough audience on Pinterest also. Because that’s a nice platform to Attract people to your product.

Okey,so that are the platforms you should use to get orders.

Now,Makesure to do this things must .

After posting enough posts related to your product, Promote you page and target the specific audience which is interested with your product.

All the platforms are providing this facility to target your desired audience.

Always be updated on every social media handles.Get in touch with every single follower.

Do Reply of their every comments.Reply their DMs also.

By doing this you can make strong engagement and impressions.

Also, Increase you marketing level day by day, always learn everything.

Create very effective ads and posts or stories to attract more people to your product.

After making some amount of engagement,you will see the difference that you’re getting enough response from them.

By the us of this method and following all the tips,You can make thousands of dollars in very short time period.

Just try to reach out maximum number of people.share your product link. Engage them always with your deals and content.

Be very regular to grab the order details from your customer and send it to your Suppliers.

Don’t be irregular, otherwise you shop get lesser amount of ratings and be active and earn high.


1. Put you 100% afforts to maintain regulations.

2. Promote your product to the particular targeted audience very attractively.

3. Engage your audience/create trusted audience.

4. Be true to your work. don’t be lazy.

5. Deliver best experience to every customer.

6. Announce offers, deals , giveaways on your social media pages for grabbing
orders more.

7. Makesure to collect your customer’s email address.So you can mail them regularly whenever you launch new product.And get them back to your

By the use of this, you can increase your site’s convertion rate.

So,this is it.

Still,If you have any doubt or query regarding Dropshipping method,just comment down below.

You’ll be answered within two hours.

Hope we made you clear.

Thank you.

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