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Hey all of you, I hope you are doing well. So today’s gonna very special for Beginners of blogging. Of course you already have seen the title and poster. Yeah so today’s Blog is about Micro Niche and Micro Niche Blogging.

So first of all what is Niche?

Niche is the group of various keywords. Where a person can find all the Keywords in one particular category. In short niche is the father and all the keywords are the son/daughter of that father. But that is declared as a old term now in blogging field. Now the bloggers or any website owner/developers are using Micro Niche Concept for growing up in market so let’s go on the main point..

What is Micro Niche?

The term has a word MICRO But it’s not really small. If we talk technically. It is very Tough term for all onlyif you Don’t know. Once you get attached with this, You will do it with full of enjoyment.

Micro Niche Word has total two parts First One is ‘MICRO‘ and second one is ‘NICHE‘.

MICRO Mean small/tiny form.
NICHE Mean a group of the keywords.

In short if We want to describe this entire term and it is going to a full tutorial.

So stay connected with entire blog.

Today’s blog is about How To Start A Micro Niche Blogging | Micro Niche Blogging Tutorial .

Today I’m going to be showing you a complete micro niche blogging tutorial on how to start a micro niche blog step by step. Even your a newbie at technology, have no experience at blog starting, or even if your a pro.

This micro niche blogging for beginners tutorial blog will be perfect for you. The great thing about this tutorial is it is extremely easy to follow along.Even if you have no experience in starting and setting up a micro niche blog.

This tutorial blog, you will have your micro niche blog set up in as little as 10 minutes. And At the end of this blog, you will have your micro niche blog successfully started. I’m going to be providing you with a bunch of helpful resources that will help you in your micro niche blog starting journey. towards the end of the blog so stay tuned.

Steps To Follow

Step 1 is I’m going to cover is how to choose and register your own domain name for free.and also domain name first.

In Step 2 I shall be going over how to choose a hosting and where to buy from.

Step 3 : getting your blog set up for free with the most popular blogging software today. In this time The blogging platform is WordPress. If you want your blog to rank, traffic, success, etc. WordPress is the way to go.

So If you don’t have time to start your WordPress blog right this second.Be sure to bookmark this blog so you can come back to it later.

Now Let’s get started.

Here, To have a blog you have to have a domain name for people to find your blog and web hosting that powers your WordPress blog. A little about Bluehost. Bluehost powers over 2 million websites worldwide and over 850,000 blogs around the world.

Here I recommend going with the basic plan, and then you can always scale up whenever you’d like.Here If you have more than one website, then you’d want to choose either the plus plan or choice plus plan.now I’m going to choose the basic plan for this tutorial as this is most common.Go ahead and hit the select button on whichever plan you would like to use.

Also For the new domain you can select if you want it to be a .com, .net, .org, etc.… .com is the most popular domain extension so I’d recommend going with a .com if you can.

Now I’m going to type in a domain here and click the next button. You are now brought to a create your account page. This is where you will input your information. We have first name, last name. Business name is optional. Put your country address information.

Theme Selection

Now You can select a Theme now. Then if you want too or below the Themes you can click skip this step.Here If you choose a Theme now, you can always change the theme you pick without any problem at a later date. I’ll be going over this in more detail, later in the video. Once you choose your free Theme or click skip this step you’ll be at the page here stating all done. Then Click the button that says start building to start building your blog on WordPress.

Then Once you click that and log in you will be at the WordPress dashboard. This is what the WordPress dashboard looks like. It’ll ask you a few questions as you can see. If you don’t need help just click the, you don’t need help option. Once you do that you will see this page.There You will see blog posts where you can add new blog posts.


Now,You will see where you can add new pages to your blog. Here,If you want to change your navigation menus, you can do so easily, and if you are going to sell products on your site, you can install Woocommerce to do so. On the far left, you will see tabs. Hover over them and get to learn them. Posts is where you can add new posts. Pages is where you can add new pages.

So The media tab is where your images will show that you upload to your blog.

And Comments is where you can view comments people leave on your blog. Also Plugins is where you can install plugins for your blog. Almost all thecustomization or feature that you would want more than likely there is a plugin already made for it.

Appearance Settings

In the Appearance is where you can change the look of your theme or change your theme to another one or a Premium theme. Select Themes when you hover over appearance. Now,It will showcase free WordPress themes to you can choose from. Here if you select most popular, it will show you the most popular free WordPress themes. Hover over a Theme and click install and then click activate to make the Theme your WordPress theme.

Here You should also see add new theme on this page. This Place is where you can add a new theme if you got it from another site or it is a Premium Theme. Also A great resource I have used for several years and recommend for professional WordPress themes that look like an award-winning design agency did your blog is Themeforest. This is the Themeforest WordPress Blog Themes page.

You can easily browse WordPress blogging premium themes.then Click on them and get a live preview of Themes as you can see here. Now there are a few examples of Premium WordPress themes that are already pre-made for you to input your information or change however you’d like. You’ll see they look really good. Check out Themeforest.

Keep following each an Every Steps

Now, in the top left of your WordPress dashboard, you will see welcome here or your site title towards the top of the page. Click this to view your site. To login to your WordPress dashboard, you can do so via the Bluehost CPanel or by typing in your domain name with a slashwp-admin. Here’s an example. It’ll bring up this page here. Then Just input your login credentials to be logged into WordPress.

Another great resource that is helpful and used by over 500,000 users is the drag and drop editor called Elementor page builder. Elementor page builder makes starting and creating your WordPress blog easy. You can make edits by dragging and dropping. Search elementor page builder on the plugins page and install and activate it if you’d like to try it out. Elementor has a free and paid version.

For more…

We’ve provided a link in the @mystery_stuffs_ so you can checkout and compare the features of the free and paid versions. Another great resource to check out is Fiverr. Fiverr is a great place to get tasks done for just $5. It is helpful if you need a logo or something done And that is my micro niche blogging tutorial blog on how to start a micro niche blog.

If you have any questions, get in touch as I’m here to help you with anything you need. Alright guys, thanks for reading. Give this blog a Like and comment for more WordPress tutorials.

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