Job Vs Online Work in 2020

See, honestly job is secure option as compare to online/digital work. If you are satisfied with your job only you should not start.It is very Hard to choose Job vs  online work especially for youth in 2020.

So here is the entire article based on this topic.

So, If you are setting up your mind to go for online work, because you bored working 9 to 5 job.So Read entire article carefully..

It’s not that much easy to grow in digital space. You have to be very passionate &harder whatever you are going to start in 2020.

Let’s discuss some of few facts regarding this..

#1 frauds

There are chances of frauds happen to you in online work. Where as in 9 to 5 daily job, you have very safe and secure financial aid.

Yes,if you are do some extra and smart work, definitely you can do your online stuff after office hours.

But, if you have not proper knowledge about digital work, first you should know the entire scenario of online work. Then after only start full-time.
Inshort, complete the homework before starting anything online.

#2 Probability Of Success

There are 70-30% ratio of making money from online work in 2020.

Whereas in Private job your financial life is much secure for you and your family.

#3 equipment Requirements

Frankly, if you are planning to making money online, it’s not that much easy to start especially for beginners.

You have to be very confident about your stuff and also you have to require basic Setup. Like DSLRs, Phone Cameras, Lighting if you are starting YouTube.

Also for affiliate/blogging related work you have to require Proper PC/Laptop to work.

So, job is very beneficial as Looking for financial saving.

#4 Low Amount of Salary

Definitely, in 9 to 5 Private jobs, you can not make enough money.

There are so many High chance of getting paid by digital marketers, bloggers. If you have Enough knowledge regarding specific field.
You can ake pretty good amount of money by doing online work.

But before that setup your mindset very harder Not to give up in any situation. Be regular always.

There are many good online Money making platforms are available on internet.Some of few examples over here,

5 Best &Safe Online money making Platforms

1.Write A Blogs

What to do?

  • Start one new Blog on WordPress
  • Watch all the YouTube tutorials and procedure
  • Get AdSense approval
  • Start earning via blogs

It’s not that much simple that you can do it in 4 steps. But it’s just brief description regarding blogging.

2.Affiliate Marketing

  • Create your affiliate account on Amazon
  • Share the link on your site and all other social media platforms
  • Get sufficient amount of reach
  • Start earning.

It’s not that much tough as blogging. You can easily earn 100-300$a month. By doing this smartly.


  • Start New channel
  • Do hardwork, Deliver user friendly content
  • Wait for monetization
  • Get enough Popularity &branding
  • Start earning.

It’s not to much hard to grow on YouTube, but still there are chances of failures.Once you get monetized by Google AdSense you will know the value of Youtubing.


  • Create an Professional account
  • Make clients
  • Start doing work for clients
  • Give your best content
  • Start earning

It needs only knowledge regarding content writing, excel sheets makings and data entry like that. By the use of this you can earn easily.

5.Digital Marketers

  • Create all social media accounts
  • Make them enough Engaged
  • Promote it widely
  • Make specific brand Value
  • Get enough growth
  • Start generating revenue

For this specific field it’s not that much easy as compare to all above 4 fields. You have to spend high amount of money for branding and advertising.

It’s not very easy to grow on internet /social media platforms. So you have to spend more money to get popularity and all other stuffs.

Above shown all five fields are very easy to do type fields. But you need to be true to your work.

So, guys these are the facts and solutions how to Decide Job Vs Online Work in 2020. I hope I cleared your doubts regarding Job vs Online work.

Even If you have any query or boubts regarding choosing the right field, we are always ready to answers you. Just put your questions in comment section.

We will surely give the answer very soon.

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