Jio 5G | Jio TV Plus | Jio Glass

New Announcements!

As we all know nowdays Jio is booming all over the world.Jio 5G | Jio TV Plus | Jio Glass.

Recently jio Has announced so Many Products/services that will help More to explore world in very cheap rates.

Globally, Many Reputative Big companies have invested Very Big amount For being a part of jio Company/for collaborating.

Jio Get almost Rs. 1,50,000cr+ investment from 12 Multinational Companies.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Qualcomm
  • Intel
  • WhatsApp

And many more.

Jio always creates strategically partnerships.
They Always provides the low budget Products so that anyone can grab it and use it.

Here with Google, jio created a strategic Partnership. Under which Google will invest Rs. 33,737cr. For a 7.7% stack in the all jio Plateforms.

Also jio announced that they are going to launch a New 5G smartphone.

Obviously it’s jio. Definitely they are trying to Make low cost budget device.

So that is why Jio created partnership with Google.

They can build a value engineered Android based concept Smartphone operating system.

Inshort, Jio is Going to produce fraction of cost for 5G Smartphones .

So Compatively The cost of 5G Smartphones will very cheap. So that People can grab it Easily.

Also There are so many other Big and Amazing Announcement by Jio.

Let’s Have A Look..

Jio 5G

Jio 5G | Jio TV Plus | Jio Glass

They announced this in their annual meeting.

Probably if government allows, they will test it in January, 2021.

It will Going to a big proud moment in digital world for Indians. Because 5G is not successfully established in any country.

Yeah there are some parts only in California and also in china where they implemented. But it’s not Properly for use.

So, India will the first for this.

This is the one of the biggest announcement from that annual meeting.

Jio Glass

Jio Announced that they are going to launch a Jio Glass Which is type of AR device.

It is An Augmented Reality Device.

They are working on For High implementation of AR Technology in Jio Glass.

The weight for this Smart Glass is nearly around only 75grms.

It has high resolution display.

We Can Do 3D holographic virtual meetings with the help of this device.

Also we can mix Both 2D and 3D resolutions.

Mysterious Glasses! Just unbelievable. In which era we are living.

Also, definitely as per previous Product costs, jio will Launch it In Budget.

In fact, Before launching it supports in 25+ Android applications .

So Definitely, this will create Big Revolution For as compare to international companies.

Jio TV Plus

Already,There are Jio TV is available on digital market. But It’s Jio TV Plus one another Updated Version.

It will be an high revolutionary Innovation for all digital Platforms.

The assumptions are like, it will Discover Big 12 Digital Platforms in just One smart TV plus Device.

Jio TV Plus will Discover Most of the leading digital Platforms of Entertainment.

  • Disney hotstar
  • Netflix
  • MXplayer
  • Voot
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hotstar

and many more.

Hopefully, Jio TV Plus will come in Very low of cost as their Policies and announcements. Let’s see.

Jio TV Plus will Provide all the smart Options.

Voice search, All the Device connections like USB and Pendrive support.

Also If you are looking for a specific Movie of Any specific Actor, you can serch it Very easily with just One click.

So in short, Jio is planning to Combine huge Programs into one Device called JIO TV PLUS.

So that People should not have to hustle more for different-different Shows/series.
Now they Can watch it very easily with the use of Jio TV Plus.

Here, you don’t have to manage different 10-15 subscriptions from various platforms. You have to purchase only one subscription and after that all yours.

So Jio is In a way to creating Simplicity and easyness.

Also this Jio TV Plus will Be big revolutionary idea from Ambani family. Also it will create a big change for digital entertainment platforms.


Yeah, This one.

JioMart Platform launch will Very big division made by Jio. Because this is not A way easy as it looks.

For those who Don’t know about JioMart, It will be a platform that will provide permissions to get order online any Marchant or Kirana shops.

For that Purpose, jio is Collaborating with WhatsApp. With a view to easy order collection Procedure and many more things.

Seriously, it will be Big Growth Opportunity for million of Indian small merchants and Kirana shops also.

Really, this is going to super amazing boom.


Again Amazing.One of the Most Leading Educational Platform.

Jio is Introducing a new way of education. Also they are working for Growing the educational conditions of India .

So, for that Jio announced a super Amazing Digital educational Platform Called EMBIBE.

By the use of this platform, the online education will enough easy for everyone.

The people who has no enough financial conditions to handle education/school fees, children of them will also get knowledge with very less amount of money.

Definitely it’s just Unbelievable step by jioteam. Such a nice People working over there(Jio).

Jio is working on EMBIBE For improvement of quality and there will not any occuration of problems.

So this are the 5 Big Announcement by Jio. Hope you all like this.

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