How to start blogging in 2020 is it still worthy?

We all know that there are around billions of Blogs/articles available on Internet Platefotm. Almost 7 Blog per person of this earth.So there are possibilities that should I start? And if yes then How to start blogging in 2020 is it still worthy?

Blog is kind of A article that describe a particular situation, things also what update is happening around us.

You can start with any niches blog. There are so many options available or you can choose multiple niches also.


  • ‌Travel Blog
  • ‌Health Blog
  • ‌SEO Blog
  • ‌Educational Blog
  • ‌Tech Blog
  • ‌Digital Marketing Blog
  • ‌Affiliate Blog
  • ‌News Blog
  • ‌Food Blog
  • ‌Fitness Blog
  • ‌Fashion Blog
  • ‌Movie Review Blog
  • ‌Architectural Design Blog
  • ‌Computer Software Blog
  • ‌Gaming Blog

And many more.

You can choose any of them.

Nowadays,There are So many bloggers are on internet and doing very well. Also generating massive revenue.

Blogging has a Very large amount potential.It can be a Big source for your revenue.

But Do You think blogging is that much easy?

Hey everyone, I am @ravikothiya today I am going to teach you some new strategy/ideas of blogging.

How to start blogging in 2020 is it still worthy?

So what are the updates from google for Ranking good in search console?



Choose a particular niche.

Research on it.

Use any Question tool or search for massive amount of searching topics.

Use google keyword research tool.

Make a list of Keywords related to your blog niche.

Implement all the keywords in your blog’s sub head titles, Headings and all over the blog.

Use copyright free images. Available on my popular sites like Pixel.Com .

Maintain certain blog length.

Make it very user friendly and clean.

Deliver only what users like not what you like.

Discover all the Queries/information related your blog.

Use bold normal fonts. So that user can easily get the right solution in useful way.

Share your blog On all the social media platforms.

Link your content with other site’s blogs. (So that you can get backlinks from them.)

Install Yoast SEO plugin on you WordPress for and Make it always green mark.

Always post unique content.

In order to check your content is unique or not, Use Plagrism checker Software before posting anything.

Also Give a Relatable and Attractive meta description for your blog post.

How to start blogging in 2020 is it still worthy?

Ask the question at the end of your blog Post. So that you can engage people and Help them.

Try to get the email addresses of them by using email Automation tools.

So that you can easily send them mails about your new content.

Note down one thing, Be nice to everyone on this Digital Platform . Because if you engage them nicely and treat people in very helpful way, You can make High authority very easily.

Post your content each and every day regularly and Keep patients.

In starting no one get Visitors. Because it’s take time for crawl your posts on search console. So don’t worry about that .

Just Give your best and Post regularly.


  • ‌Post Regularly
  • ‌Reply every comment/Query
  • ‌Maintain consistency
  • ‌Be patient, Stay always active
  • ‌Follow the all Above steps Which are given in this blog
  • ‌Work one blog at least One year Regular basis
  • ‌Learn everyday , Watch YouTube tutorials of Neil Patel .

Keep one thing always in your mind that, there is no Short cut anywhere.

Life has simple funda!

You must have to hustle more to grab More 💰.

So, Good luck guys. Start a blog. For any Query or Problems we are here always to hear you.

Just contact us.


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