How to Plan A tour For Greece with Full Itinerary?

Helllooo guys!
    Today’s blog is going to be more interesting because right now we are in GREECE.How to Plan A tour For Greece with Full Itinerary? Read entirely.


       Greece which I’m really excited about because I’ve never been here before so I thought I would film a travel diary for you guys and Santorini before this if you guys follow me on Instagram .


You would have known that we were in Mykonos.

we were there for Alex my really good friend Alex and Telmo her bachelorette party.

   I don’t want to take away from the moment so I kind of decided to just like live in it and enjoy it so now we’re in Santorini.

I thought I would take you guys along with me and everyone else in case you wanted to have some ideas.

just see what we did here in case you guys ever decided to travel to this part of Greece.

today is day 1. in Santorini we got here last night we’re staying at the most beautiful hotel.

we’re gonna go in – are we going – yeah we’re going to eat .

How to Plan A tour For Greece with Full Itinerary?


   Alex and Dan have actually been here before .

we’re kind of just like letting them take the lead and Katherine they were here last year right okay I actually forgot to mention this is where I bought my second vacation home two years ago after becoming the world’s second youngest billionaire remember your yacht huh I know we’re supposed to mention that that was gonna be .

          Basically just walking around taking it all in .

we have two injured guys with us .

I have not mentioned this on the vlog yet.

but like I told you guys that we were in Mykonos for Alex’s Bachelorette and the guys like went off on their own .

ikonos and like stayed in their own place they like rented scooters and they both hurt themselves.

I have to include it first off it was a high-speed motorbike second off.

I had a slide there an exploding gas truck dangered baby seal .

let’s see your your ankles you can’t see it right now so no it’s wrapped and then and then Dan is wrapped so they’re both just limping along.

Wow cute Tess is petting my sweaty forehead I like it I feel like a kitten being pet meow.

How to Plan A tour For Greece with Full Itinerary?

Lunch Wibes

         We’re all out to lunch we got tied up moussaka but I got this vegetarian .

hat you get there it’s like these.

that it’s like a traditional Greek dish would like meatballs and like tomato sauce and like rice I don’t know but yeah.

I’m hot got a hero right pops and then what do you get damn you got a chicken nice and then Greek salad obviously .

o good like I said we decided to rent a TVs it makes it so much easier is super easy we just had our hotel call like a referential a TV place.

they have them all over the island and we basically are just doubling up just to like save money .

Also it’s easier we’re gonna dry call them and catch the sunset .

which I’m so excited for because the sunse Greece are unreal good morning guys .


Thank you today we’re doing Vita movies so exciting right right .

yeah we’ll take you guys along show you some cool spots we might not stay there all day but most of the day .

We’d have to see the sunset today really.

this is how we’re parking on the street good park job up literally parallel park .

        A lot of like tapas because we want to get your own later spicy too young .

if you are a coffee drinker the coffee drink that.

I’m obsessed with alex is obsessed with pretty much all of us it’s called a Fredo cappuccino .

Get it sweet or medium sweet depending on who makes it .

ut they look like this and you mix them up they’re really good really strong but selfish.

The views here are insane we found this really good spot.

basically like a long little like walking road then you get the whole view of FITA and it’s so pretty.

We Are Back Finally!

      Finally Yeah we are back in our hotel we are always pretty exhausted from walking around today.

We also just kind of change into some comfy clothes and we’re going to get dinner we went here yesterday but we were told they have live music tonight so that should be fun food great glad I came dan and I are sitting here for a trash-talking test about how drinks evaporate quicker than she can drink them and then she walked over with the camera don’t think she got that so in case she missed it here it is now cut the clip we came to we came a little bit earlier fun fact about the area we’re in thanks Alex.

       We are set on some steps watching the Sun every where but it’s very good right we are all packed up ready to go sadly do not want to leave this place it’s probably one of the most relaxing places.
Soo, that it! I hope you enjoyed.and it will More informative for you guys. If yes then like our page and comment down below.


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