How to Learn C Programming In just 10Days?

Hey guys! welcome to the new blog.It’ll going to much interesting and helpful for Programmers specially For freshers in C launguage.

      I’ll be the one covering the life today so guys today we’ll be learning how to start coding. so if you’re a fresher or if you’re someone who’s just interested into getting into coding .

Then this life is for you alright . so in this session you know will basically be discussing a lot of different topics. that will pertain to how you can start with coding or against now we always do this for our u2 regulars but if you’re new here .

Must Read the Entire Topic

Please stick to the end because there’s a surprise for you all right so now let’s take a quick look at our agenda so in our session today.

we’ll be discussing different topics and these are the different topics first.

why learn coding then we’ll move on to how you can start coding for yourself how will you start it.

Then third we’ll discuss which languages should you start with which language should you choose then we’ll discuss.

How you can choose a project .

Let’s Start…

we’ll discuss what this particular topic is and then we’ll discuss the learning path what is the learning path you should take and finally we will conclude by discussing what are the different kinds of jobs you can get in this particular field.

    So guys let’s go ahead and start the session so our first question here is a first discussion topic by learn coding.

this is the question for you as well as me why should you learn coding and do you really want to learn it.

Let’s actually discuss a story . so we have a person and this person wants to earn a very high salary .

They don’t know what they want to do in life but they just know they want to live alone they want to earn a very high salary .

They decide to become a software engineer or software developer because they heard that it pays a lot then.

Interest in Codings

There is a person who’s just interested in coding and in developing in programming so they take up this particular field of coding. Programming just because they interested in this field and then there’s this third person. He is he has already been working in a particular field suppose he’s a business analyst now .

he’s been working since the 90s or the 80s and during that time they didn’t use and he’s such algorithms to think about the data and make powerful decisions but these days the market has to change.

He has to adapt with the market to incorporate coding into his own you know working culture.

So that he can make better decisions based on the data.

That is being collected you know how data science works right.

All these three people have the same goal in mind they want to become better at coding they want to become coders or programmers they want to become programmers they at least they want to learn what coding is or how to work with coding.

Reasons Behind Your Passion

      So these can be few of the reasons why you would want to become a coder maybe you want to get a really high-paying job. Maybe you’re just interested in coding maybe you just you know learning coding to adapt with the change . You know with the market adapt to the market adapt to the change is happening to the market .So you should ask yourself why do you want to learn coding now this is important you should ask this question to yourself. because you know if you don’t have the motive of your learning in mind properly .then you will you know follow the horse you once you start learning coding if you see you know come across an Error. then you if you not able to solve that error then you’ll you know you stopped doing it because you don’t have any proper motivation .

So make sure that you have a proper motivation in your mind when you start off by learning what coding is so ask yourselves this question why do you want to learn coding.

How to start Coding?

Alright guys now let’s discuss how you can start coding by yourself .So you can start coding off you know basically by figuring out what you want to do alright. let’s discuss this so now you’ve asked yourselves that you know..

What is your motive to become a coder ?what is you why do you want to program now you have to go ahead ?

with the next step that learn how to start coding so coding you know this is a very generic term . How to start coding it’s a very vast field you know this computer science is a very vast field. There are so many different fields you can get into so you have to narrow it down .You know this is like problem solve and you have a very big problem you divide into smaller parts and then solve it.


Similarly with this question of how to start coding you need to divide it into a smaller component . with the question how to start coding you should first go ahead and narrow it down. Where do you wanna code or how do you want code. So first you need to figure out what do you want to do with coding do you, want to develop an application.

Do you want to make a bot do you want to develop a website.

What kind of thing do you want to do so once you figure that out.

You should go ahead and learn what are the languages and the tools that are required for the particular thing.

    Let me give you an example let go of the person. who is just interested in coding . he’s never gotten in coding. he’s just heard about how hacking is so cool and he wants to get into coding so he starts off by first deciding what kind of projects .he wants to do so he wants to do a project where he’s going to be making a recommendation. system on a website . The thing is this recommendation system does not use any powerful algorithms or something. it’s just for him to share a few details with his family because the family lives far apart . he just wants to share a few details with them so to do that . he made this application SUSE it has a practical use this particular project and while doing this project he’s learning a lot of things.


He’s learning how to code a website he’s learning HTML, CSS ,JavaScript ,PHP database technology a lot of different things now. this is how I recommend you should go ahead with it too. you should first figure out what you want to do then figure out what language and tool you need for it .

Learn the basics of that language like you know all the different basics of a particular language. You should learn that and then move ahead and make the application. now a few you know another disclaimer here .when you’re going to make this application make the application making is a very simple.

one because when you start off always start with bean steps because if you start with something gigantic if you want to make like the whole Facebook website then you obviously fall off the first step itself .because you don’t know where to start from.

so if we rather making such a huge website what you can do is .

ou can just you know start by creating a small website where you basically can create accounts and you know post statuses that’s it?


     So this is how you I suggest you guys you should start off by you know just start coding .alright so first that is figure out what you wanted so let me give an example so you can do a lot of things .

you can make a small game so if you’re into gaming and you want to make a you know a particular small .

if you want to get into the gaming industry .You want to become a game developer then you should start over making a very small game.

you know app not an apps per se like a particular like a snake ladders you know snake game .

the one we had on a Nokia Mobile’s like that that sort of a game a very simple one like you know the you know the defender the defender game .where you’re basically shooting aliens from below.


     If you’re not that then you can go ahead and make a web application or a mobile application a very simple one per sale you know like you know very small things in mobile I think you’re gonna make a mobile app.

I would recommend not going for a mobile app right now but if you’re really interested in making a mobile app then you can go ahead and make a very simple outfit that just opens up and tells you what the time is .

So that way so then this way first figure out what you really want to do as a project then figure out what are the languages and tools you can use so there are lot of languages out there that you can use like let me give you have Python C++ JavaScript and you have similarly tools with them that you know that you have to use with them you can use your IDE s at integrated development environments you know basically where you write the code and you need compilers and all those tools so figure out what do you need with all of this so to give you a better idea.


Let’s take an example of you know you want to to make a web application.

You’ve decided that you are going to be making that web application where you’re basically going to be displaying time of all the family members that are living across the globe. then you decide to choose a particular language you go ahead using javascript because you know that is words used to create the front-end you use JavaScript HTML CSS to make the front-end and then you decide to use a particular tool maybe you’re using Visual Studio code as the place where you write the JavaScript code so that is the tool you are using then you learn the basics of that language now JavaScript will have a lot of different basics but it has some coding basics also like you know you have your loops like for loops while loops and you have a if statements then you have variables then you have functions and arrays.

So these like a kind of the basics of the particular language not just the language these are fundamentals of any language when you’re working with any language you’ll have loops if statements variables and functions and arrays and similarly you know that example of you know making that website you’re learning JavaScript you’ll have to learn these and then you have to learn the basics of the language itself you’ll have to learn a little bit of HTML a little bit of CSS a little bit of JavaScript .

What after knowing all the fundamentals?

Once you learn all of those you know the fundamentals or all of those things then you can go ahead and create the application that you want now and then create a basic application so now you know he knows what he wants to create and he’s creating it then so the process of creation when he was creating the verification he’ll be learning a lot of things . Guys I am stopping here.

For more information you can also checkout a YouTube video “HOW TO START PROGRAMMING FOR BEGINNERS”.

Also I personally suggest you just Check out the YouTube channel “APNIKAKSHA”. The reason I am suggesting to all of you this is that it’s my on own experiences.

        The tutorials of them are very much Convinceable according to me.Go for it. Thank you very much reading this.I hope you got such a helpful tips from this blog. And alsos for any blog related query.
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Keep learning. Be safe.

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