Horse Riding In USA?

Good morning Guys! Welcome back to my Blog.Today’s Blog is About My Horse Riding in USA experience. Horse riding especially in usa is Something amazing. ay tuned. Keep reading.


I’m in a bit of a random filming location today because it is Saturday and my whole family is home. They’ll being noisy so I decided to just come outside. I haven’t been out here in ages we’ve got a little bridge in my backyard .
          Anyway today is very exciting because one I have a day off and two I’m seeing two of my friends. that I’ve known since primary school so a very long time and we are going and I’m very excited.

           I haven’t been horse riding for about five or six years maybe even more if you watch my 50 facts about my blog you would know that we used to be absolutely obsessed with horses.

I used to go horse riding all the time but it’s been a very long time since I’ve gone horse riding .

So my friend has a couple horses and she usually goes trail riding on Saturday . I was finally able to get a day off and go with her and I’m super excited and kind of nervous too . because it’s been a very long time and of course I thought .

Shopping First

I would Blog it. we are going shopping first so I’m going to film that and I’m gonna film horse riding and just the rest of my day. so I really hope you enjoyed this  blog also don’t forget to give this Blog a beautiful comment.

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So yeah let’s get this day started shall we I’m probably just drawing attention to it by talking about it.These guys here are gonna be joining me on my little adventure .Today someone knowing every time I look back on my Paragraphs. I’m like hmm I hate them . what can you do we made it to the shops .

We’re just looking for a car park on the main road apparently so we’re getting a park . then we’re just going inside to get a few things right . Ohh! it road rage.

Lunch time

       We’re just getting a few things and getting some lunch quickly .Then we’ll be back on the road to our place you have to put that.We just figured this is really fitting for today’s occasion .I really like sure a sort of Mexican hat .Yes! should actually wear that on your wedding day yeah I really love that detailing on the back of this car so we’re all done at the shops now that we also got some lunch now .

I went back in my car. so I could drive out to Ariel so I could drive home later so it on our way there now it’s about a half an hour drive and then we’re going to get ready and we’re going to go close. Beverly I am so excited . I think we’re going on about a three hour ride. I’m actually quite nervous as well though because I haven’t been horse riding in so long.

I Got obsessed myself

I used to be obsessed I used to know everything about IH to know exactly how to do it and I used to be like an intermediate rider but I feel like it’s been so long that I’m going to be a beginner again when Arielle actually takes kids on trail rides. So I feel like I’m in good hands she’ll be older remind me of what to do again .I’ll be okay I also feel like my butt’s gonna really hurt . Because I remember from when I used to ride that you gon like add a trail ride .

Your butt would be so sore the next day . So I think I’m gonna be pretty sore tomorrow . We’ll see how that goes anyway good people. so if you’re wondering what my necklace is it arrived . The other day it’s from wish I paid four dollars for it and it’s my like star sign my tourists Star Alliance things.I showed Ariel and she thought. it was like a broken necklace because no one really knows any other star signs over there .

Especially like the actual flag you know nothing if that makes sense at all like the star alone .So she like thought it was only at work in that place . Everyone else really thinks that too but oh well yes uh your dog we’re here we made it . Yeah I got you look vicious you look.

So vicious and your beautiful girl and yo she’s Sookie .This the writing attire today what are these things called again chaps got my chaps on .

Do Not..

Don’t chop my legs you don’t want to rub you little backpack . I can put my camera in and out because I don’t want to drop my camera while I’m writing  so there’s your free horsies. what are their names that’s Adam this is the one. I’m writing . Adam don’t kill me please Oh see  then not keen.

So Ned Adam copper oh yeah me too buddy me too look. I haven’t been around horses in so long as is so weirdo remember .

Crushed On Horses

When I was obsessed with horses. I was the crazy horse girl .You were too weren’t you or you weren’t that into them. Then didn’t we go horse riding together once yeah we still love it. It was so much fun and now our horses. what happened to you where’ve you been. I just like  helmet on let’s go. I’m so excited okay medic in my bag actually .

They’re all ready to go yeah girl .How does it feel at him okay this is so exciting. Now these guys are really good going around the table are we gonna be on the road. We just did our first run slash trot . I didn’t fall off he’s got it very. what do you call it pacing he paces?

My friend

He doesn’t cancer a lot he does a really fast trot and it’s really bouncy . It’s hard for you to like stay in control. I guess would that be how you’d put it it’s uncomfortable pretty. This one keeps stopping across the bridge . I don’t gets a bit cautious on the bridge .We all would remember the names that shows every where. You go this is me everyone just be here stuff.

I don’t know so I’ve just hooked up Adam because I’m gonna film REO galloping up. Here it looks so cool but so scary how cool is that we’re all taking an interns cantering up. This little hill here give me the horse ease a little bit of exercise which they love so I’m gonna have a go on this guy next ready .

Little Workout

Not so pretty I finished horse riding was running tiring I got tired a little bit of a workout .oh hello thank you so I’m in my car I’m about to head home today was so much fun it brought back so many memories I felt like a horsey boy .Horse riding In USA.

Again I’m surprised I picked it up as fast as I did. I must have been like muscle memory because I used to ride horses a lot but it was awesome. but I’m really tired now so obviously use your muscles a lot like trying to stay on the horse I guess.

So I’m just gonna head home but I think I will end this Blog here. I really hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to give this blog a sweet Comment and share your thoughts about riding horse. Follow us on our Instagram Page @mystery_stuffs_ .

If you have not already and hopefully I’ll see you in my next Blog.

Horse riding in USA.

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