First time in Andaman and Nicobar Island!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to talk my first time experience in Anadaman and Nicobar islands. And also I’ll give you some tips How to plan a trip over there? And what is the hotel accommodation facilities over there. Etc. It was cool experience of my First time in Andaman and Nicobar Island! stay tuned. Keep reading.


Anadaman and Nicobar islandsare situated in Bay of bangal. It is incredible and amazing tourist attraction.
If you want to go for trip I personally suggest you to go over there in between October to May. The reason why I am suggesting to you guys is that in between October to May, the weather over there is so pleasant, Perfect for sightseeing and Beach exploring.
I personally recommended you to go in that time period. Because in July to September you should not go over there because in this Time period so many unpleasant things like high tidal waves and strong winds are happens. So it’s not safe to go on this time period.

Now, if we talk about transportation facility, the visa and passport is must needed to travel and checkout for Anadaman and Nicobar islands. Only Indian citizens can go there without needs of visa and passport. They can show there any civilization proof and get access.


If you’re planning a short trip Like 3 to 4Days ., it will cost around 7,000 to 8,000INR.Per Person. (Only Hotel accommodation and travelling include) . There are so many Hotels available there and you can book them online.

In Anadaman and Nicobar islands mostly the way to communicate with people is in Bengali Laungauge or English. So you’ve to make yourself English friendly first so that you can communicat with people easily. But people over there are so nice in manner So you should not get worry about that.

What to Carry?

Now if we talk about what to carry for this trip then..
1.You should carry Bathing suits and Seasuits.
2.You should carry sunglasses and cap or hat for sightseeing and beach activities.
3.Slipers or comfortable open shoes is must needs.
4.Carry light weight Cotton cloths, shorts and jeans.
5.You should carry raincoat or poncho also if you’re planning to go in monsoons.
6.You should carry a perfect travel bag so that you can easily strep it on your shoulder and walk and also you can travel with so many stuffs if you are from vlogging field or whatever.
7.Get all the emergency numbers of that particular government cells. So that in any situation of emergency you can call for help. And also for safety reasons. Because safety is number one priority.

You should go with all this notes above if you are planning for a Perfect trip over this islands. Because without all this Things you can not survive easily. So Be safe. Be healthy.


Now The most important part comes Of this trip and that is SHOPPING.
Yeah, In Anadaman and Nicobar islands so many Bazaars are over there. And you can purchase many unimaginable things, seashell products, many helthy creams, also Pearl Jewellery is the main attraction over there. So if you going ever there then don’t forget to atleast see this all products. Sellers over there are so friendly.That’s why I fall in love with this place. It’s just amazing.

I personally suggest to go Aberdeen Bazaar To visit. If you want a perfect art and if you are like Multiple creativity lover. Just go and visit  the entire Bazaar. I assure you that you will love it.
Yeah there are so many fruit and vegetable markets are also available. So don’t worry about food. And just keep enjoying.

In Andaman and Nicobar islands there are not dry area. So liquor is allowed.

Also there are many government certified liquor shops are there which sales alcohol. Yes, there are some restrictions in some places but in majority of islands alcohol is available at government licensed stores.

Andaman and Nicobar islands is very safe., adventurous and very beautiful. People are very friendly. There is enough government security because this place is of stregicaly important in terms of national security.Tourism police and life guards posted at all the crowded places to make the stay quite safe. There are Directions and life adequate sign boards alsobwith purpose to help travellers. Also I use the word Adventurous in starting of this paragraph Because, A couple of tigers, elephants and beers can add to diversity of this islands and can be a great tourist attraction.First time in Andaman and Nicobar Island!

Full Itinerary

Now, If you Planning for full itiernery for 5 to 6 Days of Travel to Andaman and Nicobar islands I’ll Provide you the full itinerary Here. Just Go through the steps …

Arrive at port Blair
Day 2:
Port Blair to Havelock Island
Day 3:
Elephants Beach to Havelock
Day 4:
Havelock islands to Port Blair
Day 5:
Neil island to Port Blair
Day 6:
Port Blair

Go with this itinerary.I designed that for First time in Andaman and Nicobar Island! You have not to do anything else. Just go through this places and enjoy the full trip.

Okey, now I want to share some facts about Andaman and nicobar islands.

Some Facts About this Islands

Fact 1.
Largest sea turtles in the world rest Here in Anadaman and nicobar islands.
Fact 2.
Commercial fishing is banned in Anadaman and nicobar islands.
Fact 3.
The first sun rise of the millennium is received by Katchal island .
Fact 4.
The name of this islands are derived from malayalam language .
Fact 5.
Rare fruits are found in this islands like Pandunus and nicobar Breadfruit.
Fact 6.
There is only one active volcano in India, that is Bareen island, is Present in Andaman islands.
Fact 7.
Largest living arthropod in the world, Birgns Latro or RobberbCrob resides Here.
Fact 8.
India’s first commercial seaplane was launched in Andaman islands. It is known as Jal Hans.
Fact 9.
Indian currency, 20rupees note Depicts a scene from Andaman and nicobar islands.

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I am stopping here guys.I hope I covered entire Topic with all the Doubts. If you like this blog what so ever reason, Don’t forget to Hit the comment and Share this blog with your friends.

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