Engineering in 2020

Some important things that you should know about your career especially you’re engineer from India.Engineering in 2020.

Yeah. Definitely this gonna be a full of sarcastic and Motivational type of blog for all the Youth.

Just read entirely and implement all the things very genuinely if you really wanna a Big Boom in your life.

So Yeah as we all know the situations of Indian education very deeply.

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Engineering in 2020

#1 So what next? Should we change the Education system?

No. Yeah you read very right. It’s NO.

Then what should we do for well trained learning?

Solution is that specially in this era,

You’ve to set your mindset like,

Yes. In this field I’ll put my 100% of afforts for next 1 entire year.

Try this for 1 year regularly.

Don’t miss a single day to READ-LEARN-SOLVE.

In any field you’re, No matters which field in you are studying/working.

If you have an ability to give your best On very regular basis, there’s no chances of get rejection for any work.

Definitely, in starting you have to face many many problems to learn, but at the end of the day it will finest result for you.

India Produces almost 3Million engineers Each year.

From this statement People Will predict There’s lots for Competition here.

I am not saying that there’s no competition but There are so Many big amount of chances to getting a desirable Packaged offers.

Onlyif, You’ve Done Something in a very genuine way.

As per the Recent statement of bill Gates,

He was questioned that, Why he’s hiring massive amount of engineers from India for Microsoft?

Gates said, ” If I’ll stop to hire Youth from India they will Establish New Microsoft for their own”.

Yeah. That’s the answers for all who have excuses like there’s no enough opportunities and all.

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Engineering in 2020

#2 Only High Ranking Collages Offered Big Packages


Actually you know. Why we are dumb? And foreign People have well settled lives?

We always find excuses for not to do Anything. We never find SOLUTION.

That why. There are so many international companies which Hires Engineering graduate on the basis of Test. And they pays a lot.

But no. After this blog also, we will do same like scrolling Instagram, WhatsApp chats, Open the jiosvaan and will Waste the time in very good manner.

In India mostly people are from Middle class background. I’m also one of them. But there’s not an issue.

The issue is that we are not trying enough to get ourselves out from this.

There are so many informative and motivational videos available on youTube platform.Go checkout and Just start Doing.

What are your future goals? comment Down below.

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