Hello everyone. Today’s blog is very much special and beneficial for you guys.Today I will Discuss about Cheapest International travel.So stay tuned and Keep reading.

Generally, mostly people have the mindset that flight and air travelling is more Costlier as compare to others. But that’s not the entire truth. Many of the flights are cheaper as compare to other transportations.
Today I’ll share you my own experience that how I got a flight for Hyderabad to Malaysia only in @2500Rs.

Basically there are so many airlines companies. They do compitions usually to grab more customers for their flights. And it’s very beneficial not for companies bit for consumers.
So How to get Cheap Rate tickets offers?
Follow the steps given Below:
1.Go to website of any Particular airline company’s official website
2.Put email in their subscription Box
3.Follow them on all the social media Plateforms(when the sale Or offer they announce you can grab it)

If I share my personal experience , Last year I travelled hyadrabad to Malasiya in just @3300Rs.Via Air Asia airline. So what we have to do is..

Every year Air Asia airlines comes with new sale twice in a year. In that sale they announced very low cost international tickets. Now you all are thinking like is it really true or the blogger think we’re dumb. No I am not lying and also you are not dumb. But truth is that Air Aisa conducting this sale with a view to grab more consumers on their site on their flight whatever it is. Inshort they are making a scenario of popularity that they have low budget flight also.

But as always Terms & conditions are over there.
And that is…

[1] You’ve to carry only 7kg Laggages. For more weight you’ve to pay more and that cost is more than regular one. So focus on that.
[2]The inner facilities like food, water, drinks are not for free of cost over there. You’ve to Pay for it.
• See in normal international airlines like Emirates, British Airways and many other airlines the chances of getting charged is very less. If I share my personal experience it’s zero . All the charges are included already in our flight tickets but Air Aisa has some different business.

So basically in that way they cover their sale amount By charging more . But it’s fair as a view of business.
But the best part is that if we are going alone then this will beneficial for us. Because only 3-4 pair of cloths we’ll carry if we go for solo trip. So that’s why we should not have to pay for extra Laggages. And if we talk about food then we can carry food also from airport. So it’s very benificial for solo travellers only.

If we talk about Air Asia Particularly, company launches their sale on advancevery advance level like Here, if we talk, recently in January, 2019.the sale Was launched and the booking dates of tickets is available from may 2019 to feb, 2020.that is mean tickets is yours for 1 year almost. You can travel internationally chepest rate flight in this time if you’ve participated.

Now, if I share my own experiences, about this all,
I purchased ticketbftom Hyderabad To Malasiya for just @4,500Rs. Only. Yeah that’s crazy. Surprisingly the uber rate for my home to air port is around @1000Rs.

One of my friend told me once that He and his family travelled in Malasiya in just @10,000Rs. And at that moment I was like.. Don’t kidding with me. He said bro this is actually happened with me by grabbing a deal from Air Aisa sale @10.000Rs. For entire family I mean 4members.

The reason he got this tickets in very low amount of money is He is from vizag. And the vizag airport is just opened. For obvious reason taxes over there are low as compare to other airports like mumbai airport, delhi airport. Etc.


Here’s turn. All this tickets which companies are selling in this offer is NON REFUNDABLE.
What is it mean?
Once you purchased a ticket for that particular flight On that Fix date, You can’t change the dates and if you want to cancel that tickets it’s Non refundable. So your entire amount of money will waste.

Mean, lots of people Book their flights in this sale without checking Terms and conditions.

So whatever you are purchasing not only tickets whatever. You should read terms and conditions always. Otherwise it’ll massive loss for you.
And the companies make profit Through this Conditional Points. Again I am not blemming anyone. It’s business. So it is alright.

These are the some of tips that How you can Plan a Low level budget trip and like Air Aisa Launching two sales every year, just grab the deal, fix the Dates and Just Go. South Asian countries are very good for travelling. So Make a plan and just excecute it! Make sure one think always that on that date which you’ve fixed for going is fully final. Because there are so many conditions for cancelation of tickets.

I am talking about this because I personally felt this. And it is really worth it. In a very low amount of cost you can go on international locations, Use airbnb over there and travel where ever you want.

I am not only talking about particularly air Aisa and this blog is also not sponsored.there are so many airlines companies over there who launches very benificial offers for their costumers.But I personally know this thing about air asia so that’s why I shared some of the my tipsof booking a tickets,so I can help someone for saving a big amount of money from this blog.

Just go through my blogs and get the entire information about that particular place.

So I hope this Blog is more helpful and informative for you guys.
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