8 Most Listed/Demanded Airbnb in 2020

5 Most Listed/Demanded Airbnb in 2020.


8 Most Listed/Demanded Airbnb in 2020.

This place is located in Marrakech, Morocco, close to marrekech central square jemaa el-Fnaa.

The road’s host offers services like babysitting, airport transportation,and traditional meals.

Also,there is breakfast included and travellers will enjoy traditional Moroccan mint tea.

Normally,the suite for two costs around$94 per night. minimum stay 3 nights.

The extra two bedrooms cost an additional$63 a night.

It Provides Very premium and luxurious environment to the visitors.

So that’s why it’s on High demand.

2.Cave House,oia, Greece

It’s located in Hanging off of a cliffside in centre of oia.

This is very expansive and unique Greek property.

It offers unparalleled views over caldera and Santorini.

Also for Bakery products to purchase,the old bakery shop is just away from the main pedstrain streets of oia.

Also it has private terraces expand across different levels.

Definitely it’s honeymoon destination so it offers privacy and sense of remoteness.


It is the exceptional property,short drive away from waterfalls and temples,Also Bali’s second largest city, singaraja.

Just only half an hour away.A dream escape to bookmark for when it’s safe to travel again .

This villa costs around$179 a night for couples/visitors.

This luxurious villa is the most wish listed on Airbnb.

The dream escape from an infinity pool overlooking unspoiled parts of Bali to the naturally designed house.

Also,the open plan living area has a fully equipped kitchen leading up to an dining area and terrace.

Two room property sits on an elevated area, affording uninterrupted sits on an elevated area.

Affording uninterrupted ocean views.


5 Most Listed/Demanded Airbnb in 2020

This property is located in the Brazilian State of santa Catarina, South of Curitiba and Sao Paulo.

It has stunning ocean view.with a bit of luck you might even see whales and dolphins.

The house,which sleeps up to four,is built directly on the rocky beach and has access to a garden and natural sand.

Also the property is a quiet and escape with planety of privacy.There are total three houses includes this property.

The other rentals can also be booked out it for any occasion.

It includes 4 bedrooms home .

Also it’s has two modern bathrooms,large living and dining rooms,a fully equipped kitchen also available over there.Normally,this Airbnb costs around $61per person per night .

Also It has two night minimum stay rule.

There are so many discount offers are available for longer stays.


This bamboo house property is set on the bank of a shimmering river.

in a peaceful Balinese village.

Here,The landscape around is dominate the incredible mount volcano.

It may be rustic but you shall find a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom which sleeps up to four.

There’s limitations for WiFi here but who needs the internet when you have cute kittens to play with?

Also with this incredible views of nature.

They often use this house as a shelter.Also there are bean bags or hammock to relax and listen the sound of the water below,or play the ukulele and drum provided.

Typically, this Airbnb costs around$154 per night.


This property nestled into a mountainside in central Washington state,the one bedroom homes has a round doorway that opens up to incredible mountain scenery.

Where your neighbours will be local wildlife like deer,rabbits and grouse.

Honestly,Be transported to the mythical middle Earth as you sleep in this lord of the rings inspired hobbit home.


Here An open veranda offers stunning sunrise views and the property is surrounded by a fragrant garden.

The two level House has one bedroom and a kitchen as well as a bathroom and a daybed.Just three minute walk from the beach.

This treehouse is a true fairy tale escape.

It has access to the pool is also included and Balinese village, where’s it located,it offers everything within walking distance.


This luxurious property Located in the Mt Washington area, overlooking downtown LA,this stunning & beautiful property has access to a spacious outdoor area with a pool.

As well as private patio with a barbecue grill and outdoor sitting.

Inside the pool house,it has all the comforts of a home, including a modern kitchen, bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a living area with cable TV.

Here,the pool house can be accessed via self check in.There is a dedicated parking space also over there.

So that was 8 Most Listed/Demanded Airbnb in 2020.For 2020.Post your comment if you wanna go for this Properties. Also Share this Blog with your friends If you like it.


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