12 Best Ways to Increase website traffic in Augest 2020

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Hey everyone!

I’m @ravikothiya . And today I am going to teach you the 12 Best Ways to Increase website traffic in Augest 2020 with new algorithm of google.

So, without wasting your time let’s start with one by one Tips. 💡


Install litespeed Tool on WordPress (Plugin).

Here, You just have to install Plugin Named Litespeed on your WordPress dashboard. After Installation just click on activate.

By using this plugin you can decrease the site load timings. So users will stuck on you website for more time if they get quick actions.

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12 Best Ways to Increase website traffic in Augest 2020.


Post Unique content on very Regular Basis.

Don’t be lazy specially for your work. Upload user friendly content each an everyday. So that google serch console crawl you.

Also by posting regularly, you can increase your content size and users will find some helping stuffs from your site.

Users will trust you by doing this. You can easily built trustworthy audience to your blog by posting regular basis.


Share Blogs On social media Platforms.

In this digital era, “Don’t put all eggs in One Basket” type of game you’ve to play.

If you are not on any platform and just posting your blogs individually on Your site, You can’t grow ever.

Yes I said EVER.

Because How will people know about you? Who are you? In which Niche you’re working?

So start posting your content On Social media Platforms also. So public can identify your authenticity.

And also this is the best way to grab users from all the platforms.


Install Email automation tool on WordPress.

While writing a blog on your site, Don’t forget to add sections Like:

"Want to get Updated with our Blogs?
Put your email here.

So you can have a lots of emails. Also you can always mail them and inform them that xyz blog is here.

40% of them will definitely come back from that email.

So this is the nice one to be implement.


Do the Perfect On Page and Off Page both SEOs.

Install Yohoast SEO on your WordPress dashboard.

Also Always Both SEOs for each and every blog posts.

Because if your blog isn’t very user friendly, Google will not get interested with your blog posts. They Will not crawl your posts.

Also Without doing SEOs you can’t get ranked. So always make them priority.


Get Backlinks from the Higher Engaged Sites.

Go to other site’s comment section or mail section and just tell them,

"Hey xyz, My content is relatable to yours,       
                also I liked your blog posts so much,                                    

it's very helpful and informative ."                                                                            I have uploaded xyz Topic related post.
If you're interested you can Link                                           
my content to your blog post.

By commenting, By mailing them, you can get Backlinks in very reliable way.

And also this works so much. Trust me. Just try it.

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12 Best Ways to Increase website traffic in Augest 2020.


Use Very Professional and good Looking Photographs.

Use always effective Photographs for your blog posts. Don’t use any copyrighted photographs ever.

There are so many Sites are on google that offers copyright free images for free of cost.

So make your blog interesting and user friendly so that they stuck here.


Cover the entire Topic with Each solutions.

Whenever you’re writing blog,

Choose one topic,
Research on it.

Gather all the Important Photographs, files, links, topic related information.

After getting all this, just implement it fast. Don’t be lazy to your work as I said before.

After implementation, upload it on all the platforms, users will have to come for it.


Always stay Updated and active.

Keep yourself always updated, always learn something new and informative.

So that you can have ideas what should you write, How you should represent your topic to the right audience.


URL and Slug should be user Friendly.

After writing the entire blog post, go through the settings on the right side of your blog post section.

In that, set your topic related Permalink so that user will have a clear cut idea what you’re talking about in your blog post.


Link Your content With your own Posts.

Use outlinks For your blog posts. Always connect your content with your older blog posts and relate them rightly.

So users who need more deeply information, they can click on them and they can have assuring information.


Create an authority Site.

Make authority. Always update your content. As I said earlier, don’t be lazy to your work. Keep posting regularly with Professionalism.

Make your site very clean and clear. Set perfect navigations for nevigate Users very easily.

By creating authority website, You can rank very highly basis in short time.
So Do it.

Other Short tips that you should implement in your Website:

Give Best user Experience By themes.

Submit Site map On Google search console.

Create XML site.

Use Trending Keywords to write content.

User friendly meta description title.

Use simple Grammer.

Decrease the length of Paragraphs Make it shorter.

Use AdSense friendly themes.

Do you ever Try this any of this trick?

Comment down below your problems.

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